2015 Conference

2nd Annual International Women, Gender and Violence Conference*

Participant comments from the Inaugural Women, Gender and Violence Conference

  • It has raised awareness on many very important issues.
  • Liked the discussion of multiple topics in one conference with a common theme.
  • All speakers were knowledgeable about their topics, knew the data…and were conversant about all levels of the issues.
  • This was an exceptional conference. I have been in the domestic violence field for 30+ years, and it’s rare to hear and learn something new and illuminating. Your speakers and topics were excellent in that they [touched on] targeted, specific, and often overlooked issues.
  • Loved the panel.
  • Dr. Bonomi’s presentation was amazing and so informative.
  • Thank you for bringing us Lynn Rosenthal.
  • I appreciated having Lynn Rosenthal with us and sharing her experiences at the federal level of policy making.
  • Lindsay Rosenthal reinforced and reminded me of the reality of the challenges faced by minorities and advocates and the uphill battle we face.
  • The presentation by Tameka Gillum made me see how unrepresented the groups within a minority are studied. She made me see that the violence begins in adolescence and goes to adulthood.
  • Sandy Skelaney was very helpful with all of her information. Great conference!
  • I appreciated the clothesline activity as well as the opportunity to hear actual audio recorded calls between victims and perpetrators.
  • The conference has made me consider a change in my own career path – so much to think about.
  • Loved hearing about the research on trafficking and study on recantation. I can use the lectures…in my practice.
  • The passion in all of the talks, from Lindsay Rosenthal to Ivon Mesa, was energizing and motivating.
  • All the sessions were good and I particularly liked the talks by Amy Bonomi, and Asia Eaton and Dionne Stephens.