CWGS Organizations

Women's and Gender Studies Student Organization (WSSA)

The mission of the Women’s and Gender Studies Student Association (WSSA) is to create a channel for students and alumni to explore feminism through different creative programs; to further the educational, social, and charitable interests of the school, its students and graduates; to understand the diverse lives, issues, and voices of women in our multicultural and international world; to develop a wider acquaintance, fellowship and loyalty among members of WSSA and the faculty of the school; to take action as needed for the enhancement of the school by volunteering service and advice; and to encourage the continuation of the high standards of the school.

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Women, Sexuality, and Gender Studies Association (WSGSA).

The mission of the Women, Sexuality, and Gender Studies Association (WSGSA) , formerly the Women and Gender Studies Graduate Student Association, is the creation of a wide social network of graduate students from different disciplines through which aims, concerns, and professional goals regarding gender and sexuality issues can be collectively represented. The WSGSA, recognized by the Women’s Studies Center as the central association to promote graduate and doctoral students interests, will exist to encourage a collective and interdisciplinary work between professional students.

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