Zoila Clark (Ph.D. in Spanish/Women's Studies Certificate, 2009)


"The classes I took in WS gave me the tools to apply a gender studies approach to my research in Hispanic literature and film, and that allowed me to attend conferences and publish my articles. I created an academic journal, Hispanet Journal, in order to investigate gender issues in the Hispanic postcolonial culture. This journal is accessible to the worldwide internet community, and requires no fees for publication."

Jillian Hernandez (Art History/Women's Studies Certificate, 2006)


Jillian Hernandez graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Art History and a Certificate in Women’s Studies at FIU. She went on to earn her Master’s and Ph.D. in Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers University in May 2013. Hernandez sponsored many of the Girls Summit events in South Florida. In Fall 2013 she began teaching as an assistant professor in Ethnic Studies and Critical Gender Studies at the University of California, San Diego. Hernandez was also the founder for Women on the Rise! which is a unique gender-specific outreach program that presents the work of contemporary women artists to teenage girls who are served by juvenile detention and drug rehabilitation centers. Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art educators visit these organizations and use contemporary art as a teaching tool. Recently, an article by Hernandez titled " 'Chongas' in the Media: The Ethno-Sexual Politics of Latina Girls' Hypervisibility," won Honorable Mention for the Best Article Prize from the Latina/o Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association in May 2014.

Jaclyn Heyen (Music Technology/Women's Studies Certificate, 2008)

Jaclyn Heyen had a Spring 2010 internship with the Deep Listening Institute in Kingston NY working on the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments Project for the Physically Challenged. In April 2010 Jaclyn graduated with a MM in Music Technology at FIU. She has been hired at the Deep Listening Institute for the Summer of 2010 to continue her work on the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments Project and as a technical assistant to Pauline Oliveros, (composer, performer, humanitarian and a pioneer in American Music). Jaclyn has been accepted into the Media, Arts & Science PhD at Arizona State University for Fall 2010.

Maria Lopez-Boada (Women’s Studies/Political Science, 2009)


"I knew I somehow wanted to be involved in Women’s Studies even before I graduated from high school, and as soon as I did at FIU I never looked back. The education I received was top-notch, and every professor in the department was just as passionate about their students’ success as they were about their area of knowledge. I was also fortunate enough to be involved with the department outside of the classroom as a member, Vice-President, and eventually President of The WSSA, where I worked with students and faculty on various projects to further the mission of the department. My time with the student group and the department opened my eyes to various holes in our society’s net that needed patching, inspiring me to pursue a career in Social Work. With the help and advice of my professors and fellow students I am pleased to say that I will be starting my Master’s degree in Social Service Administration at The University of Chicago. I cannot say enough good things about the Women’s Studies program at FIU, and I know it will only continue to improve and grow."

Christina Mainville (Psychology/Women's Studies Certificate, 2010)

Christina Mainville is in the process of waiting for responses from graduate schools, where she plans to work on her Masters in Social Work. Thus far she has been accepted to Barry University's School of Social Work. With her Master’s degree Christina plans on becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) where she will work with women, children and family who are victims of domestic/family violence and child abuse, to provide them counseling and therapy.

Elisa Melendez (Women’s Studies, 2006)

In August 2009, Elisa began doctoral study at FIU in Global and Sociocultural Studies (sociology track). Her research centers around gender as performed in video games, specifically rock music games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Throughout the course of her study, Elisa hopes to maintain a close relationship with the Women's Studies Center and earn a graduate certificate in the process.

Christi M. Navarro (Doctoral Studies in Public Health/Women's Studies Certificate, 2008)


Christi Navarro w completed her doctoral studies in Public Health at FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work in 2013. Her dissertation, Gender Differences in the Influence of Protective Factors, Risk Factors, and Health Risk Behaviors on HIV Risk Behaviors Among Youth in South Florida, reflects her research interest in psychological, feminist, and other interdisciplinary perspectives of health behavior. Prior to that she received a Certificate in Women’s Studies (2008) and served as a Graduate Assistant for several years in the Women’s Studies office, assisting with student advising and organizing conferences. A recipient of both the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship and FIU's Dissertation Year Fellowship, Christi currently manages a $2.7 million C-PREP grant, which provides high-risk youth in Broward and Dade counties with teen pregnancy prevention and adult education.

Vanessa Reyes (English/Women’s Studies Certificate, 2010)


"Since graduation I have continued working for the Miami -Dade Public Library system and am moving to Tallahassee, where I will begin my masters at Florida State University in Library Information Science and Museum Studies. I have been volunteering at the Miami Museum of Science helping out with a special project that involves tomorrow’s leaders. The program is called Young Ambassadors and features students who have won scholarships with the Smithsonian division of Hispanic heritage in Washington D.C. I love this project it’s been amazing, we educate the youth on the importance of museums and libraries in our Nation and, how as a minority they can make the difference amongst others who have yet to experience such worlds. Also I want to add a special thank you to the Women's Studies ladies. As a fellow E-board member and former secretary to the Women's Studies Student Association, I was able to connect and share a multitude of ideas, and experiences engaging with women in our community. I want to thank also the ladies of the Women’s Studies Graduate Association for making it possible for me to be a panel presenter at the Women’s Studies Student Conference early in the spring. Overall it was a great opportunity to share my research on women and unemployment."

Brittany Robinson (Women’s Studies/Minor in Psychology, 2008)

Brittany is currently attending San Diego State University, for her M.A. in Women's Studies. She was awarded a Graduate Assistantship.

Lindsay Rosenthal (English/Women's Studies Certificate, 2007)


Lindsay Rosenthal graduated Magna Cum Laude in Fall 2007 with a B.A. in English and a Certificate in Women’s Studies. In 2010, she earned a master’s degree in humanities from the University of Chicago. Her graduate research focused on structural violence in the foster care system. Recently, the Ms. Foundation for Women selected Lindsay Rosenthal for its 2013-2014 fellowship. As a member of the organization’s Advocacy and Policy department, Lindsay will identify strategies for increasing access to, and eliminate practices that limit, health care services for girls currently inside the juvenile justice and foster care systems and during their transition to more independent living. Specifically, Lindsay’s research and advocacy will support the repeal of formal restrictions on access to abortion care, including the Hyde Amendment – which restricts access to abortion services for those reliant on public funding – and an end to the practice of terminating Medicaid coverage for incarcerated individuals. She previously worked at the Center for American Progress as a Research Assistant and with the White House Domestic Policy Council.

Tiffany Yeomans-Benford (Women’s Studies/Africa & African Diaspora Studies Certificate, 2010).


"Upon graduating, I decided to take a summer break to work and travel. One of my traveling sites was the U.S. Social Forum held in Detroit. During this week long forum hundreds of progressive organizations and great minds came together to start sharing ideas on how to continue a social movement in the U.S. that pushes for transformation politically, economically and morally. This trip has been a highlight in my life and if it were not for my extensive education on social and political movements, gained through the courses and professors at FIU, I would probably not have been there. In the fall of 2010, I will be attending Barry University to further my studies by pursuing a Master’s in Social Work. I currently sit on the Women and Youth Committee for the Miami Workers Center and continue to volunteer with many other organizations."

Chaundra Whitehead (MS Adult Education/ Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate, 2010)


Chaundra is continuing her education as a doctoral student in the Adult Education and Human Resource Development program. Her collegiate activities include participation in the College of Education Research Conference and Women’s Studies Student Research Conference, as well as e-board positions in Golden Key International Honor Society, WSGSA, College of Education Graduate Student Network, and Phi Delta Kappa. She has over 10 years teaching experience in literacy, vocational and corrections education. Her research interests are women, adult education advocacy, adult basic education and the working poor. She is currently a graduate assistant in the College of Education, as the Managing Editor for New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development.