Zoila Clark
Degrees: Spanish Ph.D.
Certificate: Women’s Studies Graduate (2009)
"The classes I took in WS gave me the tools to apply a gender studies approach to my research in Hispanic literature and film, and that allowed me to attend conferences and publish my articles. I created an academic journal, Hispanet Journal, in order to investigate gender issues in the Hispanic postcolonial culture. This journal is accessible to the worldwide internet community, and requires no fees for publication."

Ivette Duarte
Degrees: Sociology/Anthropology, Religious Studies minor
Certificate: Women’s Studies (2004)
Ivette Duarte is currently pursuing a Masters in Higher Education Administration and expects to earn her degree in April 2011. Since graduating in 2004, Ivette has received three promotions; from Program Assistant to Coordinator to Assistant Director and now Associate Director of Career Services. Once Ivette retires from FIU (within the next 5 years) she plans to go into consulting.

Jaclyn Heyen
Degree: Music Technology
Certificate: Women’s Studies (2008)
Jaclyn Heyen had a Spring 2010 internship with the Deep Listening Institute in Kingston NY working on the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments Project for the Physically Challenged. In April 2010 Jaclyn graduated with a MM in Music Technology at FIU. She has been hired at the Deep Listening Institute for the Summer of 2010 to continue her work on the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments Project and as a technical assistant to Pauline Oliveros, (composer, performer, humanitarian and a pioneer in American Music). Jaclyn has been accepted into the Media, Arts & Science PhD at Arizona State University for Fall 2010.

Christina Mainville
Degree: Psychology
Certificate: Women's Studies Certificate (2010)
Christina Mainville is in the process of waiting for responses from graduate schools, where she plans to work on her Masters in Social Work. Thus far she has been accepted to Barry University's School of Social Work. With her Master’s degree Christina plans on becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) where she will work with women, children and family who are victims of domestic/family violence and child abuse, to provide them counseling and therapy.