Ivette Duarte (B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology/Minor in Religious Studies/Women's Studies Certificate, 2004)

Ivette Duarte is currently pursuing a Masters in Higher Education Administration and expects to earn her degree in April 2011. Since graduating in 2004, Ivette has received three promotions; from Program Assistant to Coordinator to Assistant Director and now Associate Director of Career Services. Once Ivette retires from FIU (within the next 5 years) she plans to go into consulting.

Guadalupe Garcia (Women's Studies, 2001)

Guadalupe “Lupe” Garcia earned a Bachelor’s in Women’s Studies from FIU in 2001. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling with the College of Education at FIU. Her dedication and commitment to raising awareness commenced as an undergraduate, and continues to this day. Lupe actively promotes the movement for equality and justice, a passion she is very proud to have acquired through the Women’s and Gender Studies program.
“As a high school student, a degree in Women’s Studies never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I arrived at FIU and took an elective in Women’s Studies that I felt a great sense of pride for being the first generation Hispanic woman in my family to go to college. My involvement with the Women’s Studies Student Association, and Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues, also convinced me to pursue a degree in Women’s Studies. This overall experience helped me to improve my self-confidence, leadership and social skills, and make lifelong friends. Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of this journey is knowing that I not only earned a degree that I truly love but that I was able to make a difference along the way.”

Easmanie Michel (English and Women's Studies/Certificate in African & African Diaspora Studies, 2004)


Easmanie is the writer/director/producer of the film adaptation of Edwidge Danticat’s “Caroline’s Wedding.” In 2008, Michel approached Ms. Danticat about adapting this story from her novel Krik?Krak! to the screen and was granted the rights to adapt it into a feature film. “While receiving my certificate in African New World Studies, I was introduced to the writings of Edwidge Danticat and I was instantly captivated with her authentic portrayal of the life I was living - her stories reflected so vividly my Haitian-American experience. It is my belief that we have to tell our stories in order to reflect our reality.” Michel has also worked on the feature films Transporter II (2005), Hoot (2006) and Miami Vice (2006). She has produced, written and directed several short films including Harlem Echoes, which was shown at the New York Insight Meditation’s Arts Salon. She came to love film while studying abroad at the University of Westminster in London during her last semester at FIU. Currently, Michel lives in Brooklyn and is in her final semester at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she is completing a Master’s program in Cinema Studies.

Ian Morris (History/Women’s Studies, 2004)

After graduating Cum Laude from FIU in 2004, Ian received two Letters of Academic Achievement from Women's Studies, one from History, and a Letter of Outstanding Service from Women's Studies. He is currently pursuing an MA in History at FGCU.This spring he began giving a series of lectures on Women Scientists involved in the Manhattan Project for the Renaissance Academy of Florida Gulf Coast University. It was a pleasant experience with nice audiences, and they want him to continue the lectures in the fall semester.

Ayesha Quirke (International Relations/Women's Studies Certificate, 2005)


Ayesha Quirke is the Program Director at the Miami Council for International Visitors and has held that position for over three years. In charge of all aspects of programming, Ayesha arranges cultural and professional itineraries for emerging leaders from around the world as part of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, a seventy year old public diplomacy and professional exchange program. As Program Director she has arranged itineraries for over one thousand delegates. She has also had the opportunity to escort many of these international visitors during their stay in Miami. During her time at FIU, she focused her studies on women’s human rights and the Middle East/Central Asia, and was invited to present her research on Afghan women’s human rights abuses under the Taliban in the 2006 War Crimes Symposium at FIU, as well as the International Studies Association southern conference in Alabama.