For more information, click on the faculty name.

Advance Women, Equity, and Diversity, Office of (AWED)

Rose, Suzanna Founding Associate Provost; Professor, Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies - Romantic Relationships, Sexual Orientation and Bias, Domestic Violence, Women's Career Development
Office: PC 230 | Phone: (305) 348-1975 | Email

African and African Diaspora Studies

Jaiteh, Mariama Adjunct Instructor - Wolof Language and Culture, West African Cultures, Sex Tourism in West Africa, Women and Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa
Office: LC 304 | Phone: 305-348-6860 | Email
Jones, Hilary Associate Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies and History - African Diaspora, inter-connected histories of Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
Office: LC 304 | Phone: 305-348-4791 | Email
Otovo, Okezi Assistant Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies and History - Latin America, modern Brazil, and thematic topics such as gender, race, public health, and the social history of medicine.
Office: LC 303A | Phone: 305-348-6274 | Email
Rahier, Jean Director of AADS/Professor - Cultural Anthropology, African Diaspora Studies, Afro-Latin America, Colonialism, Democratic Republic of Congo
Office: LC 308| Phone: 305-348-2246 | Email

Architecture and the Arts, College of

Bilge, Nurhayat Assistant Professor, Communication Arts, Communication Theory, Public Speaking, Media and Culture, Conflict and Negotiation
Office: VH 208 - Phone- 305-348-6521 | Email
Desrayaud, Nathalie Assistant Professor, Gender and communication, issues of sex, gender and culture.
Office: VH 206 | Phone: 305-348-4945 | Email
Nepomechie, Marilys Professor - Urban sustainability, Affordable Housing and Infrastructure, Climate Change and the Built Environment
Office: PCA 281A | Phone: 305-348-1887 | Email
Ozer, Ebru Assistant Professor - Sustainability, Park Design, Women in Landscape Architecture
Office: PCA 374A | Phone: 305-348-7560 | Email
Patel, Alpesh Graduate Director, Assistant Professor - Contemporary Art, Critical Theory, Visual and Performing Arts
Office: VH 235 | Phone: 305-348-3366 | Email
Stuart, John Associate Dean - Architectural design, its contexts, and its impact
Office: PCA 279B | Phone: 305-348-3178 | Email


Collado Vides, Ligia Senior Lecturer - Marine Biology, Marine Macro algae Research, Biological and Fishery Oceanography
Office: OE 210 | Phone: 305-348-2274 | Email
Eddy, Sarah Associate Professor | Email
Gaiser, Evelyn Director, and Associate Dean, SEAS, and Professor - Aquatic Community Ecology, Algal Biology, Wetland Ecology, Diatom Taxonomy,and Paleoecology
Office: ECS 253 | Phone: 305-348-6145 | Email
Koptur, Suzanne Professor - Interactions Among Tropical Trees, Scale Insects, Birds and Ants
Office: OE 232 | Phone: 305-348-3103 | Email
McCartney, Melissa Associate Professor | Email
Richards, Jennifer Professor - Biology of Wetland Plant Species, especially Members of Everglades Ridge and Slough Vegetation
Office: OE 233 | Phone: 305-348-3102 | Email
Richardson, Laurie Professor - Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, and Molecular Microbial Ecology of Coral Diseases on Reefs of the Caribbean
Office: AHC1 348A | Phone: 305-348-1988 | Email

Business Administration, College of

Chacar, Aya Associate Professor - Global Business Strategy and Top Management Teams
Office: MANGO 449 | Phone: 305-348-4219 | Email
Kleban, John "Jack" Lecturer - Management and International Business
Office: RB 331 | Phone: 305-348-2791 Email
Paustian Underdahl, Samantha Assistant Professor - Work-family Interface, Gender and diversity in organizations, and leadership, in the context of work and organizations
Office: MANGO 475 | Phone: 305-348-2791 | Email
Pissaris, Seema Clinical Professor - Women CEO's, Pay Disparity Between Male and Female Executives, Women Entrepreneurs
Office: MANGO 421 | Phone: 954-579-6707S | Email

Center for Labor Studies & Research

Bernier, Judith Director Center for Labor Research and Studies; Instructor Global and Sociocultural Studies & Women and Gender Studies - Career Mobility, Cultural, Critical Race Theory, Diversity, & Education and Leadership
Office LC 305 | Phone (305) 348-2513 | Email

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Liu, Yuan Assistant Professor - Oxidative DNA damage, Neurodegenerative diseases, Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, Maintenance of Epigenetic Stability by DNA.
Office: AHC3 510, CP 338B | Phone: 305-348-3628 | Email
Miksovska, Jaroslava Assistant Professor - Application of Photo-acoustic Calorimetry and Photo-thermal Beam Deflection
Office: CP 406 | Phone: 305-348-7406 | Email
Swamy, Uma Senior Lecturer, Gender and Learning Assistants
Office: CP 316 | Phone: 305-348-2606 | Email
Tse-Dinh, Yuk-Ching Director of the Biomolecular Sciences Institute (BSI), Professor - DNA-Protein Interactions, DNA Topoisomerases, Antibacterial and Anticancer Drug Discovery
Office: CP 311 | Phone: 305-348-4956 | Email
Xiao, Yi Assistant Professor - Use of biotechnologies to generate new biomaterials that combine with nanomaterials to develop amplified, robust and disposable biosensors for specific in vitro or in vivo sensing at point-of-care.
Office: CP 306 | Phone: 305-348-4536 | Email

Computing & Information Sciences, School of

Davis, Debra Instructor, SCIS, Women in Computer Science and STEM fields, Computer Science Education, Human-Computer Interaction, HCI and Cyber-security in social media
Office: ECS 342A | Phone: 305-348-1219 | Email

Criminal Justice

Cohn, Ellen Associate Professor - Weather and Crime, Citation Analysis, Intimate Partner Violence, History of the Criminal Justice System
Office: PCA 261A | Phone: 305-348-5846 | Email
Kakar, Suman Associate Professor - Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Child Abuse, Juvenile Delinquency
Office: PCA 352B | Phone: 305-348-5992 | Email
Saiz, Juan Instructor - Criminal Constitutional Law and Procedure, Criminal Law, Correctional Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Justice System, Criminal Courts
Office: PCA 367B | Phone: 305-348-5843 | Email
Vincent-Robinson, Carleen Instructor, Domestic Violence, Race, Ethnicity, Women and Crime.
Office: PCA 265B | Phone: 305-348-3882 | Email

Earth & Environment

Donoso, Maria Associate Scholar/Scientist/Engineer, Director of GLOWS
Office: AC1-267 | Phone: 305-919-4112 | Email
Price, Rene Associate Professor and Chair
Office: AHC5-373 | Phone: 305-348-3119 | Email
Rehage, Jennifer SERC, Assistant Professor - Effects of Hydrologic Disturbance on Ecotonal Fish Communities in the Southern Everglades, Implications for Food Web Structure and Nutrient Fluxes
Office: ECS 337 | Phone: 305-348-3804 | Email


Alonso, Irma Lecturer - Economics, Honors College, and the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program
Office: DM 316 | Phone: 305-348-2318 | Email: Email
Pintea, Mihaela Associate Professor - Economic Growth, Structural Transformation, Female Labor Force Participation
Office: DM 309C | Phone: 305-348-3733 | Email: Email

Education, College of

Fernández, Maria L. Associate Professor and Chair, COE Teaching and Learning. Microteaching lesson study, lesson study, teacher professional development at both preservice and inservice levels, teaching and learning mathematics (including using technology) to diverse learners
Office: ZEB 214A | Phone: 305-348-0193 | Email
Fine, Joyce Associate Professor, COE Teaching and Learning. Children's literature that features girls and women; gender studies; reading and writing strategies; adolescent literacy; Habits of Mind
Office: ZEB 260A | Phone: 305-348-6152 | Email
Gardinier, Meg Assistant Professor in International / Intercultural Education Department of Leadership and Professional Studies
Office: ZEB 362A | Phone: 305-348-2450 | Email
King, Barbara Assistant Professor, Math Education, Teaching and Learning
Office: ZEB 357A | Phone: 305-348-3215 | Email
López, Sharon Associate Professor, Leadership and Professional Studies
Office: ZEB 360A | Phone: 305-206-2507 | Email
Spears-Bunton, Linda Associate Professor
Office: ZEB 351A | Phone: 305-348-2976 | Email

Engineering & Computing, College of

Wang, Chunlei "Peggy" Associate Professor - Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Office: EC 1656 | Phone: 305-348-1217 | Email


Barrett, Lynne Professor - Creative Writing
Office: AC1 351 (BBC)| Phone: 305-919-5506 | Email
Blatt, Heather Assistant Professor - The Literature and Culture of Late Medieval England, Vernacular Media and Food Cultures, and Medieval Monstrosity and Families
Office: DM 461B | Phone: 305-348-4583 | Email
Carter, Phillip Assistant Professor - Language and Culture, Spanish Linguistics, Language Variation and Change, Latina/o Studies, Hispanic Linguistics, Language and Gender, Feminist Theory
Office: DM 461A | Phone: 305-348-1149 Email
Chinelly, Cynthia Senior Lecturer
Office: AC1-371A | Phone: 305-919-5784 | Email
Duhamel, Denise Professor Creative Writing
Office: AC1-345 | Phone: 305-919-4812 | Email
Grant, Justin Instrutor
Office: DM 341C | Email
Harrison, Kimberly Associate Professor - Writing Instruction, Writing Program Administration, and Nineteenth-Century Women’s Rhetoric
Office: DM 454A, AC1 371 | Phone: 305-919-5875 | Email
Hopkins, Tometro Associate Professor - World Englishes, Pidgins and Creole, Gullah, Sociolinguistics, Anthropological Linguistics
Office: DM 464A | Phone: 305-348-3096 | Email
Luszczynska, Ana Assistant Professor
Office: DM 464B | Phone: 305-348-2203 | Email
McCormack, Kathleen Professor
Office: AC1 349 | Phone: 305-919-4790 | Email
Rochelson, Meri-Jane Associate Chairperson of English, Professor - Victorian Fiction; Late Victorian Fiction; Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Jewish Literature and Culture; Women in Victorian Literature and Culture, Israel Zangwill
Office: AC1 343 | Phone: 305-919-5922 | Email
Russell, Heather Associate Professor - The Intersections of Race, Gender, Class, Postcoloniality and Genre
Office: DM 465B | Phone: 305-348-3369 | Email
Strycharski, Andrew Assistant Professor - Literacy, Technology and Education
Office: DM 462C | Phone: 305-348-2989 | Email
Sutton, James Associate Professor - Spatial and Cultural dimensions of "winter" in the English Renaissance
Office: DM 452 | Phone: 305-348-1270 | Email

Global Learning Initiatives

Landorf, Hilary Director of Quality Enhancement Programs, Associate Professor - Enhancing Universal Values in Global Education, and Using Children's Literature to Examine Multiple Perspectives in Social Studies Education
Office: GL 460, ZEB 347A | Phone: 305-348-2410 | Email

Global & Sociocultural Studies

Erazo, Juliet Associate Professor, Associate Chair
Office: SIPA 332 | Phone: 305-348-2247 | Email
Hollander, Gail Associate Professor - Agricultural Trade Liberalization, Multifunctionality, and Sugar in the South Florida Landscape
Office: SIPA 319 | Phone: 305-348-2593 | Email
Mahler, Sarah Associate Professor - Cultural Anthropology and, in particular, International Migration from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States
Office: SIPA 309 | Phone: 305-348-2247 | Email
Oueslati-Porter, Claire Instructor
Office: SIPA 302 | Phone: 305-348-3629 Email
Patil, Vrushali, Associate Professor - Global and Transnational Feminism, Modern Collective Identity in Historical Perspective (ie, gender, race, culture)
Office: DM 216A | Phone: (305) 348-0519 | Email
Perez-Stable, Marifeli Interim Director of the Latin American and Caribbean, Professor - U.S. Cuba / Cuban American Relations
Office: SIPA 332 | Phone: 305-348-1296 | Email
Tardanico, Richard, Associate Professor
Office: DM 320C | Phone: 305-348-2242 | Email

Green Library - Reference Department

Ball, Marissa Assistant Librarian - Women's and Gender Studies, Social Media, Emerging Technologies
Office:GL 231 | Phone: 305-348-8030 | Email

Hospitality and Tourism Management, Chaplin School of

Williams, Judith, Chef Instructor - Women and Food
Office: HM 357 | Phone: 305 335-0139 | JCWillia@FIU.eduEmail


Cornelius, Alexandra, Instructor, Racial Science, African American Men and Women
Office: LC 323 | Phone: 305-348-6273 | Email
Friedman, Rebecca Director of the European Union Center, Associate Professor - Gender and the Family in Modern Russian in the Context of Russia's Relationship to Modern European Institutions and Ideologies
Office: SIPA 507 | Phone: 305-348-0169 | Email
Gibbs, Jenna Assistant Professor - Revolutionary Era (1760s-1850s) and the Interrelationship of Culture and Politics.
Office: DM 385B | Phone: 305-348-2328 | Email
Johnson, Sherry Associate Professor - Cuba and the Caribbean, Environment and Climate Change, Disasters such as Hurricanes, Medicine, Women and Gender, and Social History
Office: DM 388B | Phone: 305-348-3363 | Email
Landrum, Shane Instructor - History of US Women, Gender, & Sexuality, History of Birth & Death Registration, History of Public Health & Technology, Digital Humanities
Office: DM 388A | Phone: 305-348-6547 | Email
Logrono, Maria del mar Assistant Professor - Modern Middle East, Middle East-Latin America relations, Syria, Jordan, and Women and Gender Issues in the Middle East
Office: DM 390 | Phone: 305-348-2809 | Email
Morcillo, Aurora Professor - Gender, Religion and Sexuality under Totalitarian Regimes, and Cultural and Memory Studies
Office:DM 387A | Phone: 305-348-1151 | Email
Peterson, Joyce Associate Professor (retired) - Labor History, Gender History, Historical Meaning of Motherhood in the United States
Office: AC1 379 | Phone: 305-919-5956 | Email
Premo, Bianca Associate Professor - Andean Women and the Spanish Colonial Economy, the History of Childhood, African Slavery in the Americas, State Policy, Law and Creole Writings
Office: DM 300B | Phone: 305-348-1862 | Email
Verna, Chantalle Associate Professor - The Culture of Inter-American Relations, specifically Haiti and the United States in the Mid-twentieth Century
Office:AC1 388 | Phone: 305-348-0180 | Email
Wood, Kirsten Associate Professor - The Social, Economic, and Political History of the early United States, with a particular emphasis on Women, Gender, and Slavery
Office: DM 389 | Phone: 305-348-2803 | Email

Journalism and Mass Communication, School of

Jacobson, Susan Assistant Professor - Expressive Qualities of Digital Media, Impact of New Media on Communication, Political Communication, Environmental Communication, Innovation, Women in Technology; Representations of Women in Media
Office: BBC, AC2 319B | Phone: 305-919-5626 | Email
Ponte, Teresa Assistant Professor, Women in Leadership
Office: BBC, AC2 314 | Phone: 305-919-4524 | Email

Law, College of

Carpenter, Eric R., Assistant Professor, Capital Litigation and Sexual Violence Against Women
Office: RDB 2037 | Phone: 305-348-4560 | Email
Choudhury, Cyra Associate Professor - International Labor Law and Education, Postcolonial Theory and Subaltern Studies, Critical Theory, and Identity, Culture and Nationalism
Office: RDB 2047 | Phone: 305-348-1153 | Email
Gabilondo, Jose Professor, Debt Markets and Heterosexual Subject Formation in Law.
Office: RDB 2042 | Phone: 305-348-1118 | Email
Maisel, Peggy Professor of Law and Director of the Law Clinics - Emphasized human rights issues and legal and problem-solving skills, international human rights and clinical and legal education.
Office: RDB 1030 | Phone: 305-348-7484 | Email
Osei-Tutu, Janewa, Assistant Professor, Contract Law, International Intellectual Property Law, and Intellectual Property & Human Rights, Patent Law & Trademark Law
Office: RDB 2053 | Phone: 305-348-3565 | Email
Stone, Kerry, Associate Professor, Anti-Discrimination Jurisprudence
Office: RDB 2041 | Phone: 305-348-1154 | Email

Mathematics and Statistics

Wu, Wensong Assistant Professor, Bayesian methodologies in multiple hypothesis testing and model selection for high-dimensional data, and statistical learning theory and applications
Office: DM 410C | Phone: 305-348-1812 | Email

Medicine, Herbert Wertheim College of

Barratt, Diana, Program Director, Neurology Clerkship, Neurosciences, Neurology Education, Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, Simulations in Medical Education
Office: AHC 4-276, Phone: 305-348-6190 Email
Brewster, Cheryl, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Assistant Professor, HHS
Office: GL 475, Phone: 305-348-6256 Email Email
Contiguglia-Akcan, Dorothy, Assistant Professor, COM Humanities Health and Society
Office: AHC2 | Phone: 305-348-0669 | Email
Gillis, Marin Associate Professor Humanities, Health, and Society
Office: AHC2 598 | Phone: 305-348-3847 | Email
Nausheen, Fauzia Assistant Professor
Office: GL 466A | Phone: 305-348-0690 Email
Stumbar, Sarah Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, Health, and Society Office: AHC2 585 | Phone: 305-348-7973
Syms, Samantha Standardized Patient Educator
Office: AHC2 490 | Phone: 305-348-6190 | Email

Modern Languages

Becel, Pascale Chairperson of Modern Languages, Associate Professor
Office: DM 487B, DM 497B | Phone: 305-348-1944 | Email
Boutaghou, Ferial "Maya", Assistant Professor - Comparative Literature, Postcolonial Writers in Arabic-French-English, Cultural and Transcultural Theory, Gender Studies
Office: DM 210 | Phone: (305) 348-1201 | Email
Fanta, Andrea Assistant Professor - Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Visual Studies, Visual Culture, Installation Art, Latin American literature, Latin-American Film, and Colombian History
Office: DM 359A, DM 482B | Email
Gomez, Maria Associate Professor - Feminism and Anarchism, Pop Culture, Theater
Office: DM 484A | Phone: 305-348-3378 | Email
Roca, Ana Professor - Spanish in the United States, Problems in Language Learning, Language Planning, Spanish-English Bilingualism, Sociolinguistics, and Spanish Applied Linguistics
Office: DM 484B | Phone: 305-348-2046 | Email
Silverman, Renee Assistant Professor - Spanish American Cultural Studies, Hispanic Literature
Office: DM 482C | Phone: 305-348-1901 | Email
Torres-Pou, Juan Professor - 19th Century Spanish-American Literature, 19th Century Spanish Peninsular Literature, Orientalism, Women’s Literature, Colonial Spanish-American Literature, 18th Century Spanish and Spanish-American Literature, Spanish and Catalan Language Courses
Office: DM 492A | Phone: 305-348-6223 | Email
Yoshio, Hitomi Assistant Professor - Japanese Studies and Culture
Office: DM 498A | Phone: 305-348-4912 | Email

Multicultural Programs and Services

Vega, Gisela Associate Director, LGBTQA Initiatives
Office: GC 216D | Phone: 305-348-2436 | Email


Beer, Michelle Associate Professor - Metaphysics and Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy and Feminism Office: DM 345B | Phone: 305-348-3347 | Email
LeBoeuf, Celine, Associate Professor
Office: DM 347 | Phone: 305-348-2185 | Email
Shrage, Laurie, Laurence S. Rockefeller Fellow, Princeton University - Moral and Political Philosophy, Feminist Theory, American Philosophy
Office: 341B | Phone:305-348-6797 | Email


Simpson, Caroline Associate Professor - Formation and Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies, Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies, Interacting Galaxies, Radio Astronomy; Radio Interferometry, Atomic Hydrogen in Dwarf Galaxies
Office: CP 217A | Phone: 305-348-1565 | Email

Politics & International Relations

Brault, Claire Visiting Instructor
Office: SIPA 410 | Phone: 305-348-8454 | Email
DePalo, Kathryn Senior Instructor - American Politics: Women in Politics, Florida Politics, State and Local Government
Office: SIPA 415 | Phone: 305-348-2859 | Email
Kostadinova, Tatiana Associate Professor - Political Institutions with a special emphasis on Electoral Systems and Reform, East European Democratic Transition, and Comparative Environmental Policies.
Office: SIPA 419 | Phone: 305-348-4066 | Email
Stiehm, Judith Professor - Political Theory, Social Change, the Status of Women and Civil-Military Relations
Office: SIPA 403 | Phone: 305-348-2199 | Email
Zwingel, Susanne Associate Professor - Feminism and International Relations.
Office: MMC, SIPA 407 | Phone: 305-348-2248 | Email


Cigales, Maricel Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Senior Instuctor - Behavior Analysis of Vicarious Processes and Memory, Effects of Tactile Stimulation and Mother-Infant Interaction
Office: DM 256 | Phone: 305-348-6488 | Email
Dick, Shannon Pruden Assistant Professor - Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Science, Linguistics and Education
Office: DM 296A | Phone : 305-348-2784 | Email
Eaton, Asia Assistant Professor - The Relationship Between Social Power and Gender in the U.S. and the Implications for Individuals’ Attitudes and Behaviors
Office: DM 445A | Phone: 305-348-0229 | Email
Frazier, Leslie Associate Professor
Office: DM 260 Phone: 305-348-2045 Email
Hart, Katie Assistant Professor
Office: AHC1-243 | Phone: 305-348-4160 | Email
Lee, Valentina Assistant Professor
Office: DM 383B | Phone: 305-348-2880 | Email
Levitt, Mary Professor - Social Relations Across the Life Span from a Social Network Perspective
Office: AC1 379A | Phone: 305-348-1045 | Email
Malloy, Lindsay Assistant Professor - Developmental Psychology; Legal Psychology
Office: DM 277 | Phone: 305-348-9059 | Email
Ritchie, Rachel Digital Instructor - Online Teaching and Learning, Identity Development, Identity-focused Interventions, Parent-Child Relationships, and Positive and Progressive Developmental Change During Adolescents and Emerging Adulthood
Office: DM295 | Phone : 305-348-7903 | Email
Rose, Suzanna Associate Provost, Office to Advance Women, Equity and Diversity - Romantic Relationships, Sexuality, and Friendship, Sexual Orientation, Bias Crimes and Domestic Violence, Women's Career Development and International Women's and Gender Studies Issues
Office: AHC-4 361 | Phone : 305-348-1975 | Email
Schreiber Compo, Nadja Associate Director, Psychology and Co-Director, Legal Psychology Graduate Program, Associate Professor - Legal Psychology, Investigative Interviewing and Vulnerable Witnesses
Office: DM 228 | Phone: 305-348-3384 | Email
Stephens, Dionne Associate Professor - Socio-historical Factors Shaping Minority Populations’ Sexual Health Processes, with emphasis on Gender and Ethnic/Racial Identity Development
Office: DM 203 | Phone : 305-919-5249 | Email
Telan, Paige Senior Instructor
Office: AC1 383 | Phone : 305-348-5867 | Email
Trucco, Elisa Associate Professor
Office: AHC1 237 | Phone: 305-348-8426 | Email

Public Administration

Alkadry, Mohamad G. Associate Professor - Gender Issues
Office: PCA 260A | Phone : 305-348-4338 | Email
Patterson, Valerie Clinical Associate Professor - Human Resource Policy and Management, Administrative and Governmental Ethics, Organization Theory and Behavior, and Race and Gender Issues
Office: PCA 367A | Phone: 305-348-0425 | Email

Public Health & Social Work, Robert Stempel College of

Fava, Nicole Assistant Professor - Social Work, Healthy adolescent and young adult development, Sexual health, trauma and childhood maltreatment
Office: AHC5 566 | Phone: 305-348-4568 | Email
Gollub, Erica Courtesy Assistant Professor - Women's Reproductive Health, HIV, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Behavioral Intervention, Epidemiology of Women's Health, Contraception and Health
Office: AHC5 482 | Phone: 305-348-7792 | Email
Houry, Cecile Assistant Dean for Continuing Education, Faculty Administrator - Gender and Sport in the U.S. Office: AHC2 398 | Phone: 305-348-4163 | Email
Irani, Armeen Visiting Instructor, Assistant Director of Victim Services
Office: GL 414 | Phone : 305-348-5880 or 305-348-5312 | Email
Madhivanan, Purnima Associate Professor, Epidemiology - Sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, Human Papillomavirus, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Global Health, Gender & Health Disparities, Bioethics, Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cervical Cancer, Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Intimate Partner Violence, Resource-limited settings, Women Health across Lifespan
Office: AHC2-585 | Phone: 305-348-4907 | Email
Orta, Adis Assistant Field Education Coordinator / Clinical Instructor
Office: GL 473B | Phone : 305-348-4708 | Email
Trepka, Mary Jo Associate Professor - Social Determinants of Health, Poverty, Segregation, and HIV Infection
Office: AHC5 487 | Phone: 305-348-7186 | Email

Religious Studies

Bauman, Whitney Undergraduate Program Director and Assistant Professor - Religion and Ecology
Office: DM 301A | Phone : 305-348-3348 | Email
Bidegain, AnaMaria Professor - Christianity in Latin America, Women in Latin American Religions, History of Religion in Latin America
Office: DM 304B | Phone : 305-348-6263 | Email
Gudorf, Christine Professor - Religious Ethics, Modern Christianity, Feminism and Development
Office: DM 305B | Phone : 305-348-2729 | Email
Pfeiffer, Mary Lou Faculty Fellow - Native American Religions, Mediums and Healers
Office: DM 239A | Phone : 305-348-2186 | Email

STEM Transformation Institute

Thamotharan, Vishodana Associate Director - Teacher Identity and Beliefs
Office: VH 173 | Phone : 305-348-7684 | Email

Women's Center

Morgan, Meredith Coordinator Women's Center
Office: GC 2200 | Phone: 305-348-1506 | Email

Women's and Gender Studies, Center for

Burns, Victoria Assistant Professor
Office: DM 216B | Phone: (305) 348-7557 | Email
Darici, Yesim Director, Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, Associate Professor, Physics - Surface, Material, Bio and Nano Science; Academic Women in Science
Office: DM 212 | Phone: (305) 348-1295, (305) 348-3502 | Email
Loynaz, Oscar Adjunct Professor | Email
Moura-Kocoglu, Michaela Associate Professor - Feminist Theory, Intro to Global Gender and Women's Studies,
Office: DM 210 | Phone: (305) 348-4507 | Email
Skelaney, Sondra Director of the Initiative for Gender Violence Prevention - Ending Sex Trafficking and Violence Against Children, Human Rights Advocacy, Intimate Partner Violence, and Violence Against LGBTQ Individual
Office: DM 212 | Phone: (305) 348-4297 | Email
Vega, Gisela Adjunct Professor, MPAS - Associate Director | Email

Undergraduate Education

Richardson, Leslie Director
Office: GL 157 | Phone : 305-348-4214 | Email

University Health Services