President Mark Rosenberg sends “It’s On Us” letter to FIU community

Dear members of the FIU community,

At FIU, we foster a safe, supportive environment for students to pursue their dreams, learn from outstanding educators and become leaders. We cannot look the other way when members of our FIU family are harmed. We are responsible for both our action and our inaction.

This is reflected in the It’s On Us campaign at FIU, an ongoing initiative aimed at ending sexual assault on campus. The name “It’s On Us” ¬emphasizes that every man and woman – every FIU student, faculty and staff member – plays a role in ending sexual assault. The initiative expands education on prevention, bystander intervention and resources for victims.

Non-consensual sex is rape. At FIU, sexual assault, harassment and misconduct of any kind are unacceptable. We are committed to doing everything in our power to prevent sexual assault, support survivors and hold individuals who commit these acts accountable.

It’s On Us – all of us – to be part of the solution. Please visit the It’s On Us website to learn more. We are Panthers and we care. Please join me in demonstrating your commitment to stopping sexual assault.


Mark B. Rosenberg