Jordan Guedes: Summer Graduation Worlds Ahead Scholar


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies

Jordan Guedes is an Honors College student majoring in psychology and women’s and gender studies with minors in religious studies and art history. He wants to have a holistic understanding of the cultural differences that affect society and be able to make an impact promoting sex education.

Jordan’s research looks at the negative health outcomes associated with risky sexual behaviors among minorities, including women and the LGBTQI community. He is a research assistant team leader in Professor Asia Eaton’s Power, Women and Relationships Lab. Under Eaton’s guidance, Jordan has become an outstanding researcher and scholar.

In 2013, Jordan was recognized as the first male recipient of the Elaine Gordon scholarship, established in 1999 by the Gadinsky family to honor the life and work of Elaine Gordon, a pioneering feminist, legislator, and leading advocate on issues involving women’s rights, health care, mental health and children’s rights.

Despite financial challenges, Jordan has remained focused and determined to achieve his dream. He credits his family for their sacrifices, dedication and contribution to his academic success.

After graduation, Jordan will pursue a Master of Social Work degree at FIU. He plans to then pursue a Ph.D. and establish a career as a therapist and practitioner in the area of sexual and relationship health.