Women and Labor: The Sweat Shops around the World" Exhibit until March 23rd

The "Women and Labor: The Sweat Shops around the World" opening exhibit last March 8th was a success. The Gender Issues Around The Globe class created posters to demonstrate this issue in different countries around the world.

Labels such as ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Honduras’ bear witness to the changing economic landscape of today’s globalized world, where production is increasingly shifted to locations offering cheap labor. The massive economic growth generated largely rests on women’s low-paid, unsafe labor in the Global South as well as in the Global North.

The exhibition ‘Women and Labor: Sweatshops Around the Globe’ explores in what ways economic globalization and global consumption advance the feminization of poverty, while at the same time contributing to women’s empowerment through greater economic freedom.

Based on research by students from the spring 2012 Women’s Studies course ‘Gender Issues Across the Globe’, the artworks displayed address gendered systems of exploitive labor practices, and attempt determining ethical responsibilities for individuals in the Global North to address human rights abuses against women workers across the globe.

Marking the 101th anniversary of International Women’s Day, this exhibition celebrates women's economic, political and social achievements, while at the same time raising political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide.

The exhibit will be displayed until March 23, 2012 in the GC Gallery, Modesto Maidique Campus. Please take the time to come by and visit.

Below are some photos of the exhibit opening.

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