Women's Studies Welcomes New Interim Director, Dr. Yesim Darici

Yesim Darici

Dr. Yesim Darici, Associate Professor of Physics and new Interim Director of Women’s Studies, is looking forward to working with our students, faculty and staff to bring the Women’s Studies program to new heights.

Dr. Darici received her Ph.D. from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1985. She worked at Amoco Research Center, Naperville, IL and at West Virginia University, Morgantown, before joining the Florida International University’s Physics Department in 1987. She is an Experimental Solid State Physicist and her research interests are in SPR, nanotechnology and structural and electronic properties of complex materials. Dr. Darici was the first female professor of Physics in Florida.

Dr. Darici, received two teaching awards one from the Florida International University Foundation, in 1997 - the “ Excellence in Teaching “ award, and another from the Florida State University System - the Teaching Incentive Award, 1996. Dr. Darici served as the Elected Education Officer of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists (NSHP), and is a former-reviewer for the National Science Foundation (NSF), as well as, the Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Additionally, Dr. Darici serves on the Committee on Minorities (COM) for the American Physical Society (APS).