Mine Üçer Lecture Series 2014-15

Mandatory: Clinical Policies and Procedures 8/29/2014
Erika Coles, Clinical Director, Florida International University

Mandatory: Clinical Policies and Procedures 8/29/2014
Jami Furr, Associate Clinical Director, Center for Children and Families, FIU

Effects of Environmental Variation on Amphibian and Reptile Community Assembly, Habitat Use, and Morphology During Tropical Secondary Forest Succession 9/2/2014
Michelle Thompson, Ph.D, Student, FIU

The Color of the Sea 9/3/2014
Cristina Romera Castillo, FIU Southeast Environmental Research Center

Foraminifera of Florida Bay: Proxy for Seagrass Abundance and Ecosystem Health Over 4000 Years 9/5/2014
Laurel Collins, Graduate Program Director and Professor, FIU, Earth and Environment Department

Social Justice, Climate Change, and Dengue 9/15/2014
Aileen Chang, University of Miami

New Directions in the Functioning, Assessment, and Treatment of Adolescents with ADHD 9/19/2014
Margaret Sibley, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health, FIU

Symbiont acquisition in Cnidarian-Symbiodinium symbioses 9/22/2014
Mary Alice Coffroth, SUNY-­‐Buffalo

Towards Materials with Ln(III)-Centered Emission 9/26/2014
Ana de Bettencourt-Dias, University of Nevada

Water Security: Responses to Local, Regional, and Global Challenges 9/26/2014
Maria C. Donoso, Director, GLOWS- FIU

The Human Brainome: Genome, Transcriptome, Proteome and Phenome Interaction in Human Cortex identfies TYROBP and QDPR as novel targets in Alzheimer’s Disease 9/29/2014
Amanda Myers, University of Miami

Setting the Stage - Objectives of the event 9/29/2014
Maria C. Donoso, Director, GLOWS- FIU

Morning Session 9/29/2014
Mantha Mehallis, Professor, FAU

The Water Resources Management Sustainability Index Tool 9/29/2014
Sharon Murray, Consultant, GLOWS- FIU

The Water Resources Management Sustainability Index Tool 9/29/2014
Mariam Ubiliva, Consultant, GLOWS- FIU

The Water Resources Management Sustainability Index Tool 9/29/2014
Sophiko Akhobadze, Executive Director, REC Caucasus

Afternoon Session Summary 9/29/2014
Maria C. Donoso, Director, GLOWS- FIU

Contemporary Pagan Religion in the U.S. lecture by Dr. Sarah Pike 9/30/2014
Sarah Pike, Department of Religious Studies, California State University

Alcohol-intoxicated eyewitnesses' memory 10/2/2014
Angelica Hagsand, Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology, Univeristy of Gothenburg, Sweden

Archbold Biological Station: the road ahead with an keen eye on the rear view mirror 10/6/2014
Hilary Swain, Archbold Biological Station

Ethics in Human Research 10/10/2014
Erika Coles, Florida International University

Restoring the Rookery Bay Estuary: Connecting People and Science for Long-Term Community Benefit 10/15/2014
Tabitha Whalen Stadler, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

The LanguageThought Interface in Development/ 10/17/2014
Anna Shusterman, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Wesleyan University

From Swastika to Jim Crow: Lessons and Legacy - Panel Discussion 10/19/2014
Jacqueline Lawton, Playwright

Incorporating Context into the Measurement of Children’s Social Competence 10/24/2014
Melanie Dirks, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, McGill University

Sea Level Rise and its Effects in South Florida’s Coastal Resources 10/24/2014
Rene Price, Associate Professor, FIU, Earth and Environment Department

Strategies for Teens’ Effective Entry to the Roadway (STEER): Preliminary Findings 10/30/2014
Nicole Schatz

Bilingual Environments and Bilingual Development: Studies of Children in South Florida 10/31/2014
Erika Hoff, Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Florida Atlantic University

Molecular Analysis at the Nanoscale 10/31/2014
Emile Schweikert, Texas A&M University

WSGSA Conference 11/6/2014
Lindsay Rosenthal, Fellow, the Ms. Foundation for Women

More than Autism Treatment: Application of ABA in Head Start Classrooms 11/7/2014
Fiorella Scaglia

Olga Korotkova 11/7/2014
Olga Korotkova, Department of Physics, University of Miami

Master's Thesis Defense 11/7/2014
Nadia Seeteram, Graduate Student, Florida International University

What Happens in the Pore, No Longer Stays in the Pore 11/7/2014
Dorthe Wildenschild, Oregon State University, National Groundwater Association Distinguished Lecturer

Absolutely Safe – Film screening 11/10/2014
Carol Ciancutti-Leyva, Filmmaker

Absolutely Safe – Film screening 11/10/2014
Judy Norsigian, Co-Founder, Our Bodies Ourselves

Master's Thesis Defense 11/12/2014
Sarah Strand, Graduate Student, Florida International University

Master's Thesis Defense 11/12/2014
Lauren Barth, Graduate Student, Florida International University

Master's Thesis Defense 11/14/2014
Nina De La Rosa, Graduate Student, Florida International University

Do Ideas, Products, Messages, and Behaviors Really Spread Just Like Viruses? 11/14/2014
Julia Poncela-Casasnovas, Departament d'Enginyeria Informàtica i Matemàtiques (Computer Science & Mathematics), Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain)

Coral Dispersal Dynamics: New Insights into Patternsof Connectivity 11/17/2014
Joana Figueiredo, NOVA Southeastern University

Brave Miss World – Film screening 11/20/2014
Cecilia Peck, Director & Producer, Brave Miss World

Chunlei Wang 11/21/2014
Chunlei Wang, Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, FIU

Evolutionary Genomics to Understand Adaptation 11/24/2014
Margie Olesksiak, University of Miami

Mitochondrial genome rearrangements at a snail pace 12/1/2014
Camila Granados-Cifuentes, Florida International University

Training the Adolescent Mind: Developmental Neuroscience Informs Treatment 12/1/2014
Dana McMakin, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh

Using shape-based methods to analyze biological data 12/2/2014
Valerie Howe, University of Miami

Uncovering the brain mechanisms of risk and resilience: Socio-emotional functioning in typical and impaired development 12/4/2014
Jillian Lee Wiggins, Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health, Emotion & Development Branch

DNA Repair and Autoimmunity 12/5/2014
Joann Sweasy, Yale University

How Relationships Affect Us and Our Children 12/11/2014
Rosemary San Nichols

The Role of Adolescent Corticolimbic Development in the Development of Depression and Anxiety Disorder 12/12/2014
Johnna Swartz, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Duke University and the Center for Developmental Science

Adolescent Substance Use: An Ecological Analysis of Risk and Protection 12/15/2014
Elisa Trucco, University of Michigan, Addiction Research Center

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: How to Manage those Worries and Fears 1/8/2015
Jami Furr, Associate Clinical Director, Center for Children and Families, FIU

Dating Violence among Sexual Minority Youth 1/9/2015
Tameka Gillum, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Coercion among Domestic Violence Victims 1/9/2015
Amy Bonomi, Professor and Chair, Michigan State University

Beliefs about Sexual Coercion among Black Adolescents in Miami 1/9/2015
Asia Eaton, Assistant Professor, Florida International University

Beliefs about Sexual Coercion among Black Adolescents in Miami 1/9/2015
Dionne Stephens, Associate Professor, Florida International University

Effects of Everglades Restoration on Sea Level Rise Resilience in Urban Miami/ 1/15/2015
Evelyn Gaiser, Florida International University

From Consultation to Student Outcomes: Increasing Integrity in Classroom Behavior Management 1/16/2015
Erika Coles, Clinical Assistant Professor, Center for Children and Families, FIU

Evolution and Creation: Conflicting or Compatible? 1/23/2015
Patricia Kelley, Professor, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

/ Rare Plants of Louisiana and the Southeast/ 1/26/2015
Margaret Deval, Louisiana Forest Service

Research Methods Issues in Academic-Practitioner Collaborative Research 1/30/2015
Jean Bartunek, Boston College

Managing Water Crisis in California: Archetype of Global Water Challenges 1/30/2015
Ashmita Sengupta, Hydrogeologist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

CCF Speaker Series 2/6/2015
Clancy Blair, Professor, New York University

Swarming by Nature and Design 2/10/2015
Andrea L. Bertozzi, University of California Los Angeles

Mathematics of Crime 2/11/2015
Andrea L. Bertozzi, University of California Los Angeles

Novel perspectives on marine turtle foraging ecology and migration 2/12/2015
Hannah Vander Zanden, University of California Los Angeles

How to Support the Inconsolable Child 2/12/2015
Erica Musser, Assistant Professor, Psychology, FIU

Designing the Resilient City/ 2/12/2015
Marta Canaves, Co-Curators, Coral Gables Museum

Designing the Resilient City/ 2/12/2015
Marilys Nepomechie, Co-Curators, Coral Gables Museum

Chemistry Graduate Seminar 2/13/2015
Diana Aga, State University of New York

Reconstructing Holocene sea level; examples from Connecticut and Florida 2/13/2015
Andrea Hawkes, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Physics Seminar 2/13/2015
Luat T. Vuong, Assistant Professor, Queens College, CUNY

Sounds of the Universe:Acoustic Astronomy 2/13/2015
Fiorella Terenzi, Florida International University

Function and evolution of reproductive traits in Anopheles mosquitoes, and their relevance for malaria transmission 2/17/2015
Flaminia Catteruccia, Assistant Professor, Psychology, FIU

Physics Seminar 2/20/2015
Eva Halkiadakis, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Advancing Mobile Health via Micro-Randomized Trials 2/20/2015
Susan Murphy, Professor, University of Michigan

Two-Step Mechanochemical Synthesis of Porphyrins 2/20/2015
Tamara Hamilton, Barry University

Two-Step Mechanochemical Synthesis of Porphyrins 2/23/2015
Joan Erber, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, FIU

Two-Step Mechanochemical Synthesis of Porphyrins 2/23/2015
Lenore Szuchman, Professor, Barry University

Early Interventions for Children with Behavioral, Social-Emotional, and Learning Challenges 2/27/2015
Susan Rose, Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Women in Science Seminar 3/4/2015
Renetta Tull, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Student Development and Postdoctoral Affairs, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Mangiferin as a Biomarker for Mango Anthracose Resistance 3/4/2015
Herma Pierre, Master's Student, FIU

CCF Speaker Series 3/6/2015
Kimberly Hoagwood, Vice Chair for Research, New York University School of Medicine

Early Interventions for Children with Behavioral, Social-Emotional, and Learning Challenges 3/12/2015
Katie Hart, Assistant Professor, Psychology, FIU

Chemical ecology of seaweed-coral-herbivore interactions on Caribbean reefs 3/18/2015
Valerie Paul, Smithsonian Marine Research Station, Fort Pierce

The Laurencia complex in south Florida: beautiful red algae with a very complex taxonomy 3/18/2015
Ligia Collado-Vides, Florida International University

Evolution of protein structure and function 3/25/2015
Jessica Liberles, Florida International University

Drying times: Integrating citizen science to examine survival of Florida Largemouth Bass in a coastal refuge habitat across varying drying severities 3/26/2015
Jessica Lee , Master's Students, FIU

Neuroimaging Findings in Youth: Does Teenage Substance Use Harm the Brain 3/27/2015
Susan Tapert , The University of California, San Diego

Changing Bacterial Growth Efficiencies across a Natural Nutrient Gradient in an Oligotrophic 3/27/2015
Amber Keiger, Master's Student, FIU

Miami Beach Rising Above 4/6/2015
Tiffany Troxler, Assistant Scholar, FIU, SERC

Miami Beach Rising Above 4/6/2015
Rene Price, Assistant Professor, FIU, EEV

Miami Beach Rising Above 4/6/2015
Marilys Nepomechie, Professor, FIU, Architecture

Miami Beach Rising Above 4/6/2015
Elizabeth Wheaton , Assistant Building Director, Miami Beach Adaptaion Strategies

What Do We Need to Know About Human Nature? 4/8/2015
Louise Antony, University of Massachusetts

Improving Drug Abuse Treatment Organizations: Enhancing Worker Well-being and the Use of Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Patient Care 4/9/2015
Lillian Eby, Professor, Psychology, University of Georgia

Talking to Kids: Connections Between Parent-Child Conversations and Child Development 4/9/2015
Lindsay Malloy, Assistant Professor, Psychology, FIU

Exploring the neural mechanisms of physics learning 4/17/2015
Angela Laird, Florida International University

An analysis of beach-goers perception of beach safety at Miami Beach, Florida 4/17/2015
Kathleen Fallon, Florida International University

Deep Infaunal Forams in Mangrove Swamps: Implications for Sea Level Reconstructions 4/17/2015
Zoe Verlaak, Florida International University

Aging of Human Communication: From Behaviour to Brain Mechanisms 4/20/2015
Pascale Tremblay, Rehabilitation Sciences at Université Laval

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Seagrasses: The Grazer Perspective 4/20/2015
Fiona Tomas Nash, Oregon State University, Instituo Mediterraneo de Estudios Avanzados

Evolutionary distinctiveness and local endangerment prioritization in ESA critical habitat designation 4/21/2015
Emily Brantner, Ph.D. Candidate, FIU

Faculty Research Series: Women's Health: Bridging the North South Divide in Cervical Cancer 4/22/2015
Purnima Madhivanan, Associate Professor, FIU

CCF Speaker Series 4/24/2015
Kate Keenan, Professor, University of Chicago

Kaizen: Examining the efficiency of property crime DNA evidence submission 5/5/2015
Stacey Anderson

The PERK’s of Evidence Collection – Developing a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) for suspects 5/5/2015
Catherine Cothran

Validation of the QIAsymphony® SP: The Automation Station for DNA Extraction 5/5/2015
Brandy Cook

DNA, Drugs and Detectives: An interdisciplinary special topics course for undergraduate students in forensic science 5/5/2015
Sulekha Coticone

The Unseen Shines Brightest: Validation of the CRIME-LITE ML2. 5/5/2015
Stacie R. Brenner

Secrets Revealed : How to Find and Preserve Latent Prints at a Clandestine Laboratory in Comfort 5/5/2015
Anna Zadow

1H, 13C, and 19F NMR Interpretation and Differentiation of AB-FUBINACA and Analogues 5/5/2015
Jeannette M Perr

A Comprehensive Qualitative Screen for 50 Designer Drugs in Postmortem Blood using LC-Ion Trap MSMS./ 5/5/2015
Elisa N. Shoff

Creating a Daily Report Card for Home 5/13/2015
Jessica Robb, Director of Outreach, Center for Children and Families, FIU

Jewels for Dollars: Does the Stress response mediate interactions between native and non-native species? 5/14/2015
Vanessa Trujillo, Ph.D. Candidate, FIU

A charged fusion Product Diagnostic for a Spherical Tokamak 5/21/2015
Ramona Perez, Ph.D. Candidate, Physics, FIU

Understanding Autism and How Early Intervention Can Help 6/11/2015
Rosemary San Nichols, Coordinator Academic Support Services, Psychology, FIU

Total number of lectures: 114