WSGSA 2014 Conference

Event information
Venue:MARC Pavillion, MMC


Envisioning Alternatives

Conference Program
Wednesday March 19, 2014
MARC Pavilion, Modesto Maidique Campus

8:00 AM- 8:30AM: Registration/Breakfast

8:30 AM- 8:40 AM: Welcome Remarks Dr. Yesim Darici, Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies and Océane Jasor, Graduate Student

8:40 AM- 9:35 AM: Panel I: Pluralizing Feminism
Chair: Dr. Yesim Darici, Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Is Feminism Still Relevant? Sheyla Marimon
Black Feminism Brandy Mosely
Islamic Feminism Diane Ashouri

9:40 M- 10:35 AM: Panel II: Gender, Religion, and Politics
Chair: Tekla Nicholas, Graduate Success Research Specialist, Global and Sociocultural Studies Ph.D. Candidate. Cuban Culture and the Dangers of Growing up Female Lisset Pinelo and Claudia Vega, Political “Non-Starters”: Why Women Don’t Run for Political Office in Jamaica Jacqueline Coore-Hall, Goddess, Woman or Magician? Individuality, Gender and the Priestess in the Gnostic Mass of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Ellen Randolph

10:40 M- 11:50 AM: Panel III: Gender, Sexuality, and Health
Chair: Ferial Maya Boutaghou, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. The Female Health Industry Angie Luna, Constructing Women’s Mental Health Natalia Valencia, Graying in Paradise: Health Realities for Aging Gay Latino/Hispanic Men Victor Vila, Erotic Prevention: Rethinking the Use of the Erotic in HIV/AIDS Prevention Danielle Black

11:50 AM- 12:50 PM: Lunch

Poetry Performance
Women’s Insecurities on a Global Perspective Audrey Aradanas Women’s Struggles Juan S. Leyva Andando Alessandra Rosa Silencing Black Feminism Bianca Gay

Art Expose Presentation
Chained Feminist Susan Raffo, Woman Revealed Carla Murador

12:50 PM- 1:45 PM: Panel IV: Being LBG at work: Perceptions, Treatment, and Experiences of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Individuals in the Workplace
Chair: Asia Eaton, Assistant Professor, Psychology and Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. “Rules of Engagement”: Exploring the Experiences of Gay Male Law Enforcement Officers Joshua Collins, Sexual Orientation and Leadership: How Being Gay Affects Perceptions of Fit for Management Positions Renzo Barrantes, Sexuality and Authentic Living at Work: The Effect of Authenticity on Job Satisfaction and Health Outcomes Among LGB Employees Jose Rodriguez

1:50 PM- 2:30 PM: Panel V: Gendered and Sexualized Bodies in Popular Media
Chair: Valerie Patterson, Associate Professor, Public Administration. The Influence of Literary Heroines: Novels by Jane Austen and Suzanne Collins, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Representations of Queer Bodies in Sci-Fi Shows Richard Levitt

2:35 PM- 3:45 PM: Panel VI: Addressing Violence Against Women
Chair: Vrushali Patil, Associate Professor, Global and Sociocultural Studies and Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. A Quest for Empathy- The Stateless Burmese Women and Children of Baan Unrak- Freedom from Violence and Oppression Grisel Oliva, Trafficking of Women Into and Within China Ana Galiano, Human Trafficking: The Case of Europe Jessy Abouarab, All Eyes on the Dirty Girl: How Rape Myths and a Slut-Shaming Culture Shape Judicial Process Melissa Mercedes Claramonte

3:50 PM- 5:00 PM: Panel VII: Masculinities, Gender, and Mobility
Chair: Percy Hintzen, Professor, Global and Sociocultural Studies. National Parks: Gendered Heteronationalism or the Malleability of Space Angelica Hill, The Woman Less Traveled Antonia Gordon, Gendered Migrations: How Gender Shapes the Experiences of Brazilian Immigrants in the U.S. Elizabeth Roos, A Branca Mais Negra- “The Blackest White Woman”? The Racialized and Sexualized Body, Corporeal Otherness, and the Need for Recognition and Belonging Abby Gondek

5:00 PM- 5:05 PM: Closing Remarks Ana Rusch, Conference Chair and Organizer

Co-sponsored by The Center for Women's and Gender Studies, The African and African Diaspora Studies Program and The Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies.