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Florida International Researcher Wins Award from Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Irish abuse survivor accuses Vatican of ‘shameful’ resistance as she resigns from its child protection panel

Uber Scrambles To Investigate Shocking Sexual Harassment Claim

FIU Welcomes Filmmaker for Diversity Training

Violence incites violence…

A New Front Against Domestic Abuse: The Hairstylist’s Chair

Harvard Men’s Soccer Team Sidelined For Rest Of Season Over Sexist Emails

19 Baylor University football players accused of sexual assault since 2011

Ex-Title IX officer says Baylor University failed to protect rape victims

Sexual Harassment Training with Roger Ailes

Nate Parker and the Limits of Empathy, by Roxane Gay

How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down

After Philando Castile’s Killing, Obama Calls Police Shootings ‘an American Issue’

Pentagon Lifts Ban On Transgender Troops

President Mark Rosenberg sends “It’s On Us” letter to FIU community

What does a lifetime of leers do to us?

Center for Women’s and Gender Studies alumnus writes about the Orlando massacre in the Washington Post

Lawsuit calls Baylor University a “hunting ground” for rapists

Fathers Can’t End Violence In A Day, But There Is No Better Day To Start

Florida International Researcher Wins Award from Latino Aging Research Resource Center

Psychology professor, Asia Eaton helps Marine Corps tackle culture change..

FIU Psychology Professor Dr. Comer was on CBS regarding the Orlando shootings

Stanford Rape Case: How Can Brock Turner Accept Responsibility For His Actions If His Father Excuses Them

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children – FIU Graduate Studies Seminar

Light Sentence for Brock Turner in Stanford Rape Case Draws Outrage

New Initiative Targets Solutions For Violence Against Women

When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?

Gloria Steinem Links Violence Against Women With Global Instability

Florida International University Raises Awareness Of Sexual Assault

Johnny Manziel Reportedly Indicted In Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Assault

BYU Students Investigated By School After Reporting Rape

Miami-Dade Student Project: Saving Themselves, Other Kids From Gun Violence

Breaking Out of the Man Box: A Call to Action to End Relationship and Sexual Violence

Activist Gloria Steinem Sheds Light On The Shocking Realities Of Brutal Violence Against Women In Powerful New Documentary Series

Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls In The Philippines Moves Online

New Exhibit Documents Violence Against Women, Even When It’s Hard to Look

In Central America, Human Smugglers Entrap Women In Sex Trafficking

Erin Andrews Wins $55 Million Verdict In Stalking Case

Studying Science While Female: Sexual Harassment Still Prevalent in 2016

How Lady Gaga, Vice-President Biden, And Hollywood Unexpectedly Tackled Rape At The Oscars

Texas Campus Carry Law Putting Damper On Academic Debate

The Scariest Part Of Kesha’s Story Is That It Isn’t At All Unique

Transforming News Of Violence To Stories Of Resilience

Selenis Leyva From The TV show, Orange Is The New Black Lecture

Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program

From Pedestal To Ditch: Violence Against Women In Shakespeare’s Othello

The Hunting Ground Documentary

We Must End Violence Against Women In Germany

Campus Sex … With a Syllabus

Ending Sexual Assault On College Campuses

Rape On The Night Shift Documentary

India Works To Curb Violence Against Women

Ending Violence Against Women: How You Supported The 16 Days Of Activism

CNN Releases Groundbreaking Documentary On Campus Sexual Assault

Engaging Men In The Elimination of Violence Against Women

Interventions to Reduce Campus Sexual Assault: What Works and Why?

Barbara Mancini: From Accused to Advocate

Florida International University Faces Sexual Assaults On Campus

FIU’s It’s On Us Campaign Asks “What Does Consent Mean To You?”

October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Take a STAND!

On The Front Line Of Campus Sexual Misconduct

NDP, Liberals In Canada Spar Over How To End Violence Against Women

Musee Du Louvre Features Alumnas Work On Abuse

Maybe More Female Coaches Could Help Limit Domestic Violence Cases

Florida International University Faces Sexual Assaults On Campus

Obama Calls For Steps To Reduce Gun Violence After Two Virginia TV Journalists Are Killed

Colombia Confronts Femicide, ‘Most Extreme Form Of Violence Against Women’

Domestic Violence Coalition Warns Against Guns For Abused Women

Tackling Domestic Violence A Priority For Rural Women In Australia

Yes, Marital Rape Happens, And It Is Terrible

FIU Victim Empowerment Program Educates Students On Sexual Assault

4 Ways Technology Is Boosting the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

New FIU Program Honors Student’s Memory With Legal Help For Domestic Violence Victims

Woman’s Powerful Video Shows The Devastating Reality Of Domestic Violence

When The Rapist Doesn’t See It As Rape

Record Number Of Prosecutions For Violence Against Women In UK

College Rape Prevention Program Proves A Rare Success

Argentines Protest Violence Against Women

Female Migrant Workers Constantly Sexually Harassed But Rarely Report It

Violence Against Women And Girls ‘Shames Every Society,’ UN Anti-Crime Chief Warns

Stop Assaults On Military Campuses

Your Role In The Movement to End Campus Sexual Assault

Author Jon Krakauer On New Book “Missoula” And College Rape Epidemic

Teaching Men Respect Is The Only Way To Prevent Violence Against Women

Laws Don’t Protect Women Against Violence. Amazingly, Though, A U.N. Treaty Has A Chance

Sexually Assaulted At UVA

Cybertrolls Increasingly Target Women

Girls’ Deaths Implicate Culture That Values Boys Over Girls

U.N. Reveals ‘Alarmingly High’ Levels of Violence Against Women

International Women’s Day Marches Around The World Call For An End To Sexual Violence

A Thin Line of Defense Against “Honor Killings”

Women’s Empowerment Play Hosted This Weekend

Fixing The Campus Rape Problem

Rape On Campus

Why That ‘Like A Girl’ Super Bowl Ad Was So Groundbreaking