2015 Program Abstracts

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Suzanna Rose, Ph.D., Executive Director, School of Integrated Science and Humanity




Chair: Francesco Duberli Rivera, Founding Director, Survivors Pathway Organization

Dating Violence among Sexual Minority Youth

Tameka Gillum, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Education, University of Massachusetts-Amherst


Recent research indicates that sexual minority youth are at increased risk for experiencing interpersonal violence (IPV). Those victimized by IPV/DV subsequently are at increased risk for a number of adverse mental and physical health outcomes and increased engagement in high-risk behaviors, warranting attention to this public health concern. This presentation will describe targeted, culturally specific prevention efforts that have been effective at educating and reducing IPV among sexual minority youth.

Coercion to Recant among Domestic Violence Victims

Amy Bonomi, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Human Development and Family Studies, Michigan State University


In this presentation, Dr. Bonomi will present the findings concerning recently analyzed audio-recorded telephone conversations between domestic violence perpetrators and their victims to determine processes that influence victims to recant their stories in court. The five-stage process of recantation identified through the analysis of the audio-taped telephone conversations has been presented to practice and policy makers throughout the U.S. The recantation research has resulted in some counties across the U.S. mandating the recording and use of jail calls in court to improve prosecution of domestic violence cases.


Chair: Suzanna Rose, Ph.D., Executive Director, School of Integrated Science and Humanity

Keynote Address: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls: The Future of the Movement

Lynn Rosenthal, White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

Keynote Address is free and open to the public.


Networking Lunch at the Frost Museum




Chair: Lauren Villalba, Fatality Review Team, Miami-Dade County Domestic Violence Unit

Sexual Trafficking of Children

Sandy Skelaney, Chief Mastermind, Ignition Fund


Many of us encounter child victims of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation every day, but without proper tools and information, lack the ability to identify and intervene in their lives in positive ways. This presentation provides a basic overview of child sexual exploitation, proper language and sensitivity toward victims and tips for effective service delivery.

Beliefs about Sexual Coercion among Black Adolescents in Miami

Asia Eaton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, FIU

Dionne Stephens, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, FIU


Researchers estimate that that 34% to 68% of young women experience some form of verbal sexual coercion in their current romantic relationship. In this talk, Drs. Stephens and Eaton will discuss qualitative research examining the beliefs and experiences that Black, urban male and female adolescents have about verbal sexual coercion in heterosexual relationships. The applicability of these findings to culturally-appropriate interventions will be discussed.

Disrupting the Abuse to Prison Pipeline for Girls

Lindsay Rosenthal, Fellow, Ms. Foundation


Girls in the foster care and juvenile justice system are funneled into a lifetime of involvement with child welfare systems and the criminal justice system. This presentation addresses the “abuse to prison pipeline” and ways to improve access to quality care for vulnerable girls to effectively disrupt this pipeline.


Building Connections among Researchers, Advocates and Service Providers

Chair: Lindsay Malloy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology, FIU

Sherry Aaron, Director, Victim Empowerment Program, FIU

Laura L. Finley, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Sociology-Criminology, Barry University

Ivon Mesa, Director, Miami-Dade’s Division of Violence Prevention


Panelists will discuss their response to the conference presentations and suggest next steps for advocates, researchers, and service providers to collaborate to end interpersonal, domestic, and child sexual violence in our community.

Closing Remarks Asia Eaton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, FIU