2015 Evaluation

Summary Evaluation 2015

FIU International Women, Gender and Violence Conference 2015

Detailed Results for FIU International Women, Gender and Violence Conference

54 evaluations were filled out of 115 participants.

Questions & Responses

The FIU conference lived up to my expectations.

N = 60 Mean = 4.67 (SD = .93) Range = 1 (strongly disagree) – 5 (strongly agree)

I am glad I took the time to participate in this conference..

N = 60 Mean = 4.77 (SD = .89) Range = 1 (strongly disagree) – 5 (strongly agree)

Question & Sample Answers

Please give a specific example of something(s) you liked in particular from the International Women, Gender and Violence Conference and sessions.

  • All were excellent talks. I liked the discussion of multiple topics in 1 conference with a common theme, domestic violence, race, lgbtq youth. Learned new things and made some expected connections.
  • All the speakers were very knowledgeable about their topic, knew the data and statistical aspects and were conversant about the levels of the issues.I appreciated having Lynn Rosenthal with us and having the experience at the federal level of policy making.
  • Each Presentation touched a polemical and troubling issues with how the presenters work is confront such problem. The mixture of research studies and what the service organizations offer regarding violence and the failure of the criminal justice system was impacting and exposed me to the realty of a large marginalized sector of society.
  • The opportunity to hear about real work on solutions to the problems we face.
  • The clothes line activity, coercion to recant steps, sexual trafficking of children information.
  • I enjoyed networking with other people who had shared my ideas, specifically about how put our research and intellectual power together for the betterment of the community. I specifically enjoyed the talks on sexual coercion and abuse to prison pipeline; both presented interesting and comprehensive information.
  • The child abuse presentation.
  • I appreciated the speakers’ passion for this topic. Lynn Rosenthal (from the White House) was most dynamic with her information on a national level.
  • I liked hearing the calls from jail between partners.
  • I really enjoyed the Coercion to Recant among Domestic Violence victims session.
  • I enjoyed the presentations of Sandy Skelaney and Amy Bonomi.
  • Abuse to prison pipeline presentation, sexual coercion among black youth were great presentations.
  • Dr. Bonomi’s and Lindsay Rosenthal’s presentation.
  • I particularly liked the presentation on why victims of domestic violence recant. Hearing the audio clips were especially interesting and horrifying at the same time.
  • The presentations by Dr. Stephens and Eaton on being black from the Caribbean makes me further realize how much more needs to be done for girls and women.
  • The entire conference. I have been in the domestic violence field for 30+ years and it’s rare to hear and learn new and illuminating. Good speakers, well organized.
  • Good speakers, well organized.
  • I like the merging of theories and the reality of the issues we talked about. Well arranged with excellent presentations.
  • Loved hearing about the research on trafficking and the study on recantation. I can use the lecture on treating sex workers and developing the transitional relationship in my practice.
  • Realizing that assumed female connection doesn’t work or not true for everyone. How intervention should be taken in early age for prevention of all topics, and coercion. The cause of enchanting and so much more that was covered.
  • I really enjoyed the entire experience. I found interesting the presentation on dating violence among same sex couples as well as the tactics of coercion to recant the stories in victims of domestic violence. I also enjoyed the session on beliefs of sexual coercion among adolescents, particularly because it might be applicable among my students.
  • Awareness on what is considered as human trafficking! Offering a victim for a place to stay in exchange for sex is considered Human trafficking.
  • I enjoyed the session in the faster care system. She had great solutions and solved on a problem that I did not know much about.
  • Keynote research based presentations. Sexual trafficking of children talk, I learned a lot. Liked how language is so important going for prostitute to trafficked/exploded chef coercion-fascinating to her from victims and how it happened.
  • I enjoyed the discussion about dating violence among I enjoyed the discussing about dating violence among sexual minority youth and coercion recant among domestic violence victims.
  • Information about coercion and women’s pipeline to prison and violence.
  • The presenters were well informed and interesting.
  • I appreciated the clothesline activity and the opportunity to hear actual audio recorded calls between victims and perpetrators. I also appreciated the diversity of topics covered. Lunch was fantastic!
  • The passion in all of the talks, from Lindsay Rosenthal to Ivon Mesa, was energizing and motivating.
  • I gained insight on the topics of domestic violence, sexual trafficking of children, and the abuse to prison pipeline among girls.
  • The focus on intersectionality. (race x class x gender x sexual on intentions).
  • The diversity of presentations on violence/abuse against women youth and children.
  • I was very impressed by Lindsay Rosenthal’s presentation and the knowledge she imparted on the treatment girls in foster care and the juvenile justice system which needs considerable improvement. She was very passionate about her work and it was evident in her presentation.
  • All speakers were extremely knowledgeable.
  • More careful arts center inclusion challenge to social structure.
  • There was excellent speakers and choices of topic, excellent food.
  • I think the selection and variety of speakers was excellent. Also the availability of CEUS are appreciated!
  • All the sessions were good, the topics were engaging. I especially liked the talk of Amy Bonomi and Asia Eaton and Dionne Stephens.
  • Knowledge of the speakers. So glad they talked about the adolescent experience.
  • Research presentations.
  • More CBO/ Direct autonomous cultural problems. Better catered.
  • Have more/at least some international participants as well.
  • Lynn Rosenthal’s speech was very inspiring.
  • Sandy Skelany was very helpful with all her information.
  • The data was very informative. Specifically the recanting of victims/survivors.
  • I really loved the presentation of coercion to recant among DV.
  • This a very well organized event.
  • Variety of presentations.
  • I loved how many community people were in attendance. Including students from high school! Even fashion as a form of violence against women!
  • Networking activities. (These shall be done more.)
  • I congratulate the organizers on bringing these important issues before the community. With many teachers and public officials in attendance, this conference definitely will have an effect on our understanding of how big an issue this is in the lives of many today.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the conference that you might like to see next year?

  • More opportunities for networking and talking to each other/meeting each other.
  • More international participation. The topics are each so rich that it may be helpful to have breakout sessions and smaller groups of attendees, more opportunities for dialogue or fewer topics and more for session.
  • My only suggestions would be to have conferences such as these more often, maybe per semester and include workshop sessions where researchers, academics, orgs and community members can strategically plan how to work against violence, sexual assault, the oppressive effects of the patriarchy, etc and have such plans be transmitted into sustainable action.
  • In addition to the wonderful presentations participants should have been encouraged to bring materials from their respective agencies serious to enhance opportunities.
  • Please have more representatives from the different bodies of the system come to speak to professionals and different entities are collaborating to deliver effective services.
  • Understand that the cycle of violence can be disrupted by educating women.
  • More representatives from different bodies of the system.
  • More interactive presentations.
  • Possible extending over 2 days. There is a wealth of information to understand to share and for us to better understand.
  • The speakers were rushed.
  • Activities.
  • More interactivity and networking opportunities.
  • More presentations on acceptance of alternatives and needs mainstream attention.
  • It was great.
  • More theory talks and speak about the psychological effects.
  • No, everything I was exposed to was extremely interesting and valuable to me.
  • It should be videotaped and made available to staff and faculty.
  • Sitting all day is rough, maybe a different presentation style.
  • Maybe breakout sessions.
  • Where do we take this information as a community.
  • Have more international participants and it was too cold in the room.
  • Yes! The NCAA has become very interested in this topic, especially when it affects student-athletes. There are several speakers who could be included in next year’s program.
  • It was too cold in the room.
  • Organizations in the community doing work with this population.
  • Make sure speakers are briefed about info they’ll be talking to.
  • End earlier maybe less breaks.
  • Inclusion AA/Inner city.
  • Breakout sessions according to interest.
  • Invite my network, inner city allows the bridge transformations professionally.
  • Providing handouts of the PowerPoint slides and seats with cushions.
  • More collaborative efforts.
  • More presentations on violence against women, youth and children in developing countries.
  • A larger space for more students to attend.
  • A brief biography of each presenter before they present.
  • Perhaps use a power point template with guidelines, the transitions were distracting have a hashtag for folks to use and engage on social media.
  • Better seating, handouts highlighting the context described by the each presenter.
  • More research based research.More conferences and info or sharing better effects cooperate and coordinate in the key.

General Comments about the event?

  • Very well done.
  • Very informative.
  • Great job.
  • I look forward to the next one.
  • I liked the variety of speakers.
  • It was very educational and enjoyable.
  • Loved the panel.
  • Eye opener.
  • Everything was excellent.
  • There should also focus on violence against men.
  • Beautiful.
  • I highly recommend this conference and I hope you continue organizing events of this quality in research content.
  • This event should happen more often.
  • Great presentations.
  • I was disappointed in the low level of FIU participation.
  • Loved it.
  • Great conference.
  • A lot of redundancy in the information.
  • Thank you for making me more aware.
  • Excellent information.
  • I enjoyed the conference over all.
  • Very well organized.