Summer 2012

Summer 2012 List of Approved Courses

*Courses are subject to change based on enrollment

Official Registration Week: April 2-April 18
Open Registration Week: April 19-May 6
Summer begins: May 7
Summer ends: August 10

Summer A

WST 3015 U01A | 51278 | Introduction to Women's Studies | Johnson | Mon-Wed 5:00-7:40pm
Considers the interdisciplinary study of women in today's world. Focuses on women through the life course and examines the debates on women's studies in the university.

Summer B

WST 3105 U01B | 51609 | Gender Issues Across the Globe | Moura-Kocoglu | Tue-Thur 11:00am-1:45pm
Exploration of issues of women and gender globally. Focus on experiences and inequalities related to gender, as well as efforts to combat inequalities.

WST 3641 RVBB | LGBT and Beyond: Non Normative Sexualities on Global Perspective| Shrage | Online
Introduction to gay and lesbian life in the United States and abroad, focusing on historical antecedents to the contemporary gay and lesbian movement, religion, health issues, lifestyle, and the arts.

Summer C

WST 4905 U01C | 50307 | Independent Study | Darici

Approved Electives

AFA 4372 RVCC | 51320 | Race, Gender and Sexuality in Hip Hop | Stephens | Online
Examination of sexual, gender and racial/ethnic identity constructions in Hip Hop cultures both in United States and globally.

AML 4624 RVBB | 55364 | African American Women Writers | Weir | Online
A study of the writings of African American women. May be repeated with change of content.

ECP 3254-RVAA | 14993 | Women, Men, & Work | Alonso | Online
This course analyzes the performance of women in comparison to men in the U.S. labor market. Using census data, special attention is paid to gender differences in occupations and earnings. The human capital model, labor market discrimination, changing work roles and the family, and government policies affecting paid work and the family are considered.

ECS 3021-RVAA | 14558 | Women, Culture & Economic Development | Alonso | Online
This course will use the “capabilities” approach in analyzing the problems of women’s quality of life in developing countries. It is important to recognize that the measurement of output per capita is not the only indicator of the quality of life. The purpose is to identify a number of distinct components of women’s quality of life, including life expectancy, maternal mortality, access to education, access to employment opportunities, and exercise of political rights, and how these indicators are affected by culture. Additional $199 fee for this online course. Please call Economics, 305-348-2318 or 305 348 3281 for permission number.

REL 3145-RVBB | 51482 | Women and Religion | Maarif | Online
Explores the involvement, portrayal, and roles of women in religion, from early goddess religions through the cult of Mary to contemporary feminist theology.

REL 3171-RVBB | 51487 | Sex and Religion | Gudorf | Online
A survey of religious understandings of sexuality, gender and reproduction with special emphasis on contemporary issues.

SOP 3742 B51B | 50397 | Psychology of Women | Telan | Mon-Wed, 12:30pm 3:15pm
SOP 3742 U01A | 55046 | Psychology of Women | Cigales | Mon-Wed, 6:25pm-9:05pm
SOP 3742 RVCC | 51129 | Psychology of Women | Stephens | Online
An examination of women from various perspectives, such as biological, anthropological, mythological, religious, historical, legal, sociological, and psychoanalytical points of view. Discussions of ways in which these various perspectives influence the psychological development of contemporary women.

SOP 4774 RVCC | 51574 | Female Sexuality | Eaton | Online
Psychological and behavioral aspects of women's sexuality will be explored, including: anatomy, sexual functioning, pregnancy/childbirth. Sexual orientation, sexual variations, sexual assault/abuse, and relationships.

SYG 4060 B51A | 54310 | Sociology of Sexuality | Javadzadeh | Mon-Wed, 2:00pm- 4:45pm
SYG 4060 RVCC | 55999 | Sociology of Sexuality | Lavander | Online
SYG 4060 U01A | 54306 | Sociology of Sexuality | Lavander | Mon-Wed, 11:00am-1:45pm
Applies sociological perspectives to sexual attitudes and behavior, examining various world cultures. Topics include premarital and extramarital sex, sexual orientation, and prostitution.