Spring 2013

Spring 2013 List of Approved Courses

*Courses subject to change based on enrollment
Official Registration Week: November 5-18
Open Registration Week: November 19- January 6
Spring begins: January 7
Spring ends: April 27

Modesto Maidique Campus

WST 3015 U01 |14120 | Intro to Women's Studies | Moura-Kocoglu | T-Th 11am-12:15pm
This course is designed to introduce students to women's studies as an interdisciplinary field of knowledge. The purpose of the course is to involve students in the on-going dialogue of women's experiences and women's socialization by sex, class, color, and culture, as well as the economics of discrimination. The course will assist students in clarifying the many misconceptions surrounding the discipline and the myths and realities regarding women's status in society. Topics of discussion include: Connections between women’s studies and feminism; questions of identity and socialization process in determining gender roles; diversity: class, race, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation; religion and the status of women in societies; our bodies, ourselves; women and work; women and education. Some of the questions addressed in women’s studies include: Why study women? Are women powerless or powerful? Why are racism, heterosexism, ageism, and class exploitation considered to be women’s studies issues? How can feminist thought be used in transformative ways?

WST 3105 U02 | 19072 | Global Gender Issues | Boutaghou | T-Th 2pm-3:15pm
What is a gender issue? Who gets to define what counts as a gender issue—especially across diverse cultures and contexts? This class is an introduction to ‘gender issues’ across the globe, as defined especially by women’s groups, across multiple cultural locations and contexts. The overall aim is to think critically about our own understandings of what these issues are, what kinds of assumptions we might make that shape our understandings, and to hopefully expand those understandings, based on paying attention to and learning from the voices of local groups. In this spirit, we will talk about gender issues that you might expect to talk about, such as violence against women or access to reproductive care. However, we may not always do this in the expected ways. For example, bigger questions here include questions like: How do we define violence against women or reproductive care? What are the parameters of these issues? How do global or transnational forces shape these so-called ‘local’ issues? Beyond these conversations, we will also talk about issues that we may not typically think of as ‘women’s or ‘gender’ issues, such as access to clean water and environmental degradation, food security, war, and economic inequality.

WST 3641 U01 | 11769 | LGBT and Beyond | Loynaz | W 5pm-7:40pm
This course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to gay and lesbian studies by examining the complex issues and debates in American society regarding sexual orientation. An examination of both historical antecedents and the contemporary gay rights movement will include such topics as religion, lifestyles, legal and political issues, and influences on arts and literature.

WST 4504 U01 | 19135 | Feminist Theory | Hernandez | T-Th 11am-12:15pm
WST 5507 U01 | 19143 | Feminist Theory | Hernandez | T-Th 11am-12:15pm
This course explores how women are viewed theoretically across the social sciences and humanities. Topics such as multiculturalism, cross-nationalism and post-modernism are addressed.

WST 4931 U01 | 19141 | Women in Leadership | Eaton | M-W 11am-12:15pm
WST 5936 U01 | 19142 | Women in Leadership | Eaton | M-W 11am-12:15pm
Examines the foundation for theoretical leadership models and provides a forum for students to examine their own leadership style.

WST 4905 U01 | 12314 | Independent Study | Darici | Time and days arranged
WST 4905 U02 | 14771 | Independent Study | Patil |Time and days arranged
WST 4905 U03 | 19138 | Independent Study | Boutaghou | Time and days arranged
WST 4905 U04 | 19139 | Independent Study | Addy | Time and days arranged
WST 4905 U05 | 19140 | Independent Study | Eaton | Time and days arranged
Supervised readings course designed for advanced students who wish to pursue specialized topics in women’s studies. Arrangements must be made with faculty member during prior semester. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

WST 4940 U01 | 12323 | Women's Studies Internship | Darici | Time and days arranged
Supervised work experience in organization agency or business focused on women and/or girls. Prerequisites: One women’s studies course and permission of the director.

WST 5905 U01 | 12315 | Independent Study | Darici | Time and days arranged
WST 5905 U02 | 14772 | Independent Study | Patil | Time and days arranged
WST 5905 U03 | 19144 | Independent Study | Boutaghou | Time and days arranged
WST 5905 U04 | 19145 | Independent Study | Addy | Time and days arranged
WST 5905 U05 | 19146 | Independent Study | Eaton | Time and days arranged
Supervised readings course designed for advanced and graduate students who wish to pursue specialized topics in women’s studies. Arrangements must be made with faculty member during prior semester. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.


WST 3015 RVC | 11937 | Intro to Women's Studies | Kay | Online
Considers the interdisciplinary study of women in today’s world. Focuses on women through the life course and examines the debates on women’s studies in the university.

Approved Electives

AFA 3339 RVC 20185 Women and Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa - Online - Jaiteh
An examination of women's human rights in Africa in the context of global feminist social movements, evolving norms, institutions, and practices.

AMH 4562 U01 19644 Modern American Women’s History MWF 1000am-1050am - Landrum
History of women in the U.S. since the Civil War. Topics covered include reconstruction, workforce participation, suffrage, feminist theory, warfare, motherhood, women’s liberation.

AML 4624 B51 19280 African American Women Writers - TU-Th 2pm-315pm - Weir
A study of the writings of African American women. May be repeated with change of content.

ANG 6303 U01 13573 Comparative Feminisms - Mon 2pm-450pm - Faria
Course examines feminisms and feminist movements in a global context. Taking several geocultural areas as examples, the course analyzes the discourse of cultures, feminisms, and feminist movements. Prerequisites: One graduate level course on gender or permission of the instructor.

CCJ 3666 RVC 19181 Victimology - Online - Vincent Robinson
Considers the interdisciplinary study of women in today’s world. A comprehensive study of victimization, including the relationship between the victims and offenders, and their interaction with the criminal justice system.

CCJ 4663 U01 13516 Women, Crime and the Criminal Justice System - W 2pm-440pm - Vincent Robinson
Women as deviants, criminals, victims, and professionals in the criminal justice system.

CLP 4314 RVC 12015 Psychology of Health and Illness - Online - Frazier
CLP 4314 U01 20671 Psychology of Health and Illness Tu-Th 750pm-905pm - Berry
Course provides an overview of the field of health psychology and behavioral medicine with an emphasis on psychological, social, cultural, and global factors affecting health and health care/policy. Prerequisite: PSY 2012.

ECS 3021 RVC 11825 Women's Economic Development - Online - Alonso
Analysis of problems facing women in developing countries, focusing on gender and cultural issues and their relationships to economic development. Prerequisites: ECO 2013 and ECO 2023 or permission of the instructor.

ENL 4273 B51 19317 Studies in Modern British Literature Tu-Th 1230pm-145pm - Rochelson
This course focuses on the literature of the 20th Century, limiting itself to British writers, but including the various genres of the modern and post modern periods. Prerequisites: ENC 1101 and ENC 1102.

ENL 5505 B51 20682 Periods in English Literature Th 500pm-740pm - Rochelson
The literature and criticism regarding one specified period of English Literature, such as Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Twentieth Century, and Contemporary. May be repeated with change of period. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Prerequisites: ENC 1101 and ENC 1102.

ECP 3254 RVC 12198 Women, Men, and Work in the USA - Online - Alonso
Analyzes the performance of women in comparison to men in the US labor market.

FIL 4881 U01 19408 Hispanic Culture: Women and Film - M 11am-145pm - Roca
Images and roles of Hispanic women in Latin America, Spain and the United States. Discussion, analysis, and writing. Course aims to enhance students’ understanding of women in Hispanic culture through films and readings.

LAH 4721 U01 19808 History of Women in Latin America Tu-Th 330-445pm -Premo
Examines women’s roles in indigenous societies, in the colonial period, during independence, and in the 19th century. Also explores women and slavery, populism and popular culture, and the rise of the feminist movement.

LBS 4154 RVC 20723 Workers and Diversity - Online - Addy
The theoretical debates surrounding the workforce participation of women and minorities as well as the historical position of these groups in the labor force are studied. Students explore social phenomena that contribute to the continuation of discriminatory practices and study and analyze the policies that attempt to address these issues. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing.

LIN 4651 U01 19393 Gender and Language - MW 1230pm-145pm - Carter
Examines the evidence on a variety of questions regarding women and language, including women¿s speech in English and other languages, sexist language, and the relationship between language and societal attitudes towards women.

LIT 4536 B51 19582 Multicultural Working Class Women's Literature - Tu-Th 11am-12:15pm - Weir
Evaluates gender issues across cultural, race, and class lines. Examines impact of migration and assimilation on multi-ethnic literature.

LIT 4930 U02 19346 Gender and Sexuality in the Renaissance - Th 625pm-905pm Strycharsky
A course designed to give groups of students an opportunity to pursue special studies not otherwise offered. May be repeated. Prerequisites: ENC 1101 and ENC 1102.

MAN 4102 RPC 15581 Managing Diversity - Online - Kleban
MAN 4102 RVC 15097 Managing Diversity - Online - Kleban
MAN 4102 RXD 19681 Managing Diversity - Online - Kleban
MAN 4102 U01 19850 Managing Diversity - Mon 5pm-740pm - Kleban
Examines how workforce diversity can lead to competitive advantage and ethical, fair-minded decision making. Includes topics of gender, race, ethnicity, and other areas of diversity. Covers perception and stereotyping, sexual harassment, the “glass ceiling,” and legal issues.

PHM 4020 U01 19109 Love and Sexuality MWF 400pm-450pm - Shrage
This course analyzes the nature and meaning of love and sexuality, and studies the basic problems in human sexual living, such as love and the man-woman relationship, the formation of sexual union, and attitudes toward love and sexuality in contemporary society.

PHM 4123 U01 19110 Philosophy and Feminism MWF 300pm-350pm - Shrage
A conceptual analysis of alternative feminist views. Topics include the goals of the feminist movement, sexist theories on women’s nature, sexual stereotypes and androgyny, the nature of oppression, sexism, racism and homophobia.

POS 4072 U01 12443 Women in Politics - MWF 1pm-150pm - Depalo
Examines the various roles that women play in politics, their actions and effectiveness, and the manner in which politics affects women. Special attention to policies that affect women.

REL 3145 RVC 12509 Women and Religion - Online - Gudorf
Explores the involvement, portrayal, and roles of women in religion, from early goddess religions through the cult of Mary to contemporary feminist theology.

REL 3171 RVC 20366 Sex and Religion - Online - Gudorf
A survey of religious understandings of sexuality, gender and reproduction with special emphasis on contemporary issues.

REL 3520 RVC 19784 Saints, Witches and Cathedrals - Online - Gudorf
Cathedrals and crusades through religious schisms and wars to Third World Christianity and women priests: select survey of major trends in Christianity.

REL 4105 U01 14169 Latino(a) Immigration and Religion - Th 5pm-740pm - Bidegain
The course will analyze the main ways in which the complex phenomenon of migration overlaps with religion focusing on Latino/a immigration to the United States taking into account a gender perspective.

SOP 3742 RVC 12923 Psychology of Women Online - Stephens
An examination of women from various perspectives, such as biological, anthropological, mythological, religious, historical, legal, sociological, and psychoanalytical points of view. Discussions of ways in which these various perspectives influence the psychological development of contemporary women.

SYO 3120 RVC 20165 Marriage and the Family - Online - Shah
SYO 3120 U01 18874 Marriage and the Family - T-Th 930am-1045pm - Girard
Considers marriage and kinship, and their relationships with political, economic, cultural and social factors. Emphasizes the distinction between family and other social units, and the changing social arrangements and exceptions associated with family and gender roles.