Frequently Asked Questions

As a transfer student, how do I get my classes approved?

The student must provide a copy of transcripts and class syllabus from previous institution showing the content of the class syllabus is focused 40 percent or more on gender or an approved critical perspective.

What can I do with my Women’s Studies degree or certificate?

A women’s studies education can be valuable in many interdisciplinary fields. It provides the necessary foundation to build cultural, sexual, and religious sensitivity.

Where do I find the list of courses offered by Women’s Studies?

Please visit > Academics > Current Course Offerings > Click on the desired semester

Does Women’s Studies offer any scholarship opportunities; if so where do I apply?

The Women’s Studies center offers two scholarships each academic year. The Elaine Gordon Scholarship and the 200 Society of Professional Woman Scholarship are available at

Where and how can I apply for a bachelors or certificate program?

A student can apply to any of the programs offered by the Women’s Studies Center by visiting and filling out the appropriate forms located on under the academics section. Once completed please submit paperwork to the Women’s Studies center located in DM 212.

As a male can I apply for a bachelors or certificate program in Women’s Studies?

Male students are encouraged to apply for the offered programs. People from all genders are welcome to study at the center.

Who can apply for the Elaine Gordon Scholarship?

All students who are admitted in the College of Arts and Sciences as a Women’s Studies Major or Certificate earner, have completed or are enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours of Women’s Studies, be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the time of the application, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher can apply for the scholarship.

I have the prerequisites for the course for which I'm registering, but PantherSoft won't let me register for the section I want. The section is listed as closed. Is there anything that can be done to get me in this section?

No. If the section is closed, it is because the enrollment capacity of the room has been reached. These limits are set by the Fire Marshal. We cannot provide overrides into closed courses. If you want to get into a closed section, just keep checking for spaces to open up in PantherSoft. There is a lot of adding and dropping during registration and the first week of the semester. If someone drops and a space opens up, you may register. There are no waiting lists for full sections, so if you want into a course, you must monitor PantherSoft for any opening created by students dropping.