Dual Degree/Double Major

Double Major

FIU students can easily double major in Women's and Gender Studies with any other discipline of their choice. Through our stellar programs, students are more likely to earn an exceptional interdisciplinary education that will benefit them when applying to a competitive job market.

Dual Degree


  • Interdisciplinary research with a diverse faculty community dedicated to excellence
  • An active cohort of students involved in both programs
  • Availability of research and practical experiences essential for career and graduate school preparation
  • Greater access to faculty committed to mentoring and advising students


Dual degree-earners have a better opportunity to obtain a position in any career path they choose. Potential careers include research scientist, rape crisis and other types of counselors, lawyers specializing in gender issues, social studies teachers, journalists, physicians' assistants and corporate consultants.


Companies that want to maintain positive relationships with female and diverse customers have started to recruit professional with exposure to women's and gender studies courses. In addition to the strong writing and communication skills that Women's and Gender Studies majors develop during their academic careers, employers rely on their perspective into female wants and needs. Together with psychology training, this insight can affect the way that companies launch new products or address clients concerns.


Women's and Gender Studies courses are structured like graduate classes, interactive seminars with critical writing assignments. Women's and Gender Studies courses also require students to discuss ideas in a group setting and think critically about the content and themselves - skills necessary for being a successful graduate student.This intimate class atmosphere provides you with easier access to and more one on one time with a faculty member. This is essential for securing letters of recommendation for graduate school applications.

Additional courses added annually


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